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SARL SUD DATTES Company is a top wholesale dates supplier and exporter of high-quality dates fruits. We have been supplying and exporting high-quality date fruit at wholesale with competitive prices along with appropriate packaging to many countries. Our success and our customers’ satisfaction go hand in hand.

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Our Vision

SARL SUD DATTES is proud of gaining popularity both in domestic and international markets. Aiming to increase the quantity and quality of its products, Sud Dattes started its activities in producing, selling, and exporting all kinds of Algerian dates 40 years ago.

We do our best to build up customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our company supplies and exports the best date fruit with modern packaging according to customers’ demands.

Our Products

Branched Deglet Noor Dates

Branched dates are selected natural dates which do not undergo any treatment on cultivation. They only concern the variety, Deglet Nour.

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Whole Processed Deglet Noor Dates

Dates are packaged once they are heat treated. This treatment is humidification and/or dehydration of the product.

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Pitted Processed Deglet Noor Dates

The pitted date is a steamed date from which we have removed the core. It is rich in natural sugar (glucose, fructose, and sucrose). Very rich in antioxidants, it is ready to be consumed.

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Deglet Noor Dates Paste

Dates paste is made from 100% natural dates crushed after removing the core. It is rich in natural sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose). Very rich in antioxidants, it is ready to be consumed.

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Quality First

Having certifications such as ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 V5.1 by Bureau Veritas and Organic by CCPB concludes our attention of taking care of the customer and our brand.

Our quality control team has extensive experience in dates industry. We have implemented a complete traceability system that allows us to track each product, through all of its production stages, from the palm tree to the final packaging.

Health Benefits

Dates are a particularly energetic fruit. They are therefore ideal for athletes and before (or after) activities that require a lot of effort.

Dates contain 70 calories per 25g serving (3 medium-sized fruits) and fresh dates contain an average of 65 calories per unit.

In addition to containing a large amount of carbohydrates, dates are rich in: Fibers, Vitamins A, Vitamins B, Mineral salts,Trace elements

They can help regulate intestinal transit and prevent certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

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